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People call management heard the snow to save the stock market c

( thankfully ,the majority of investors ,the netizen call high-level already through media reflect know !Here is to collect ,collate online voice ) netizen call: snow disaster to save more to save China crash in 3monthsfell sharply from 6124 to 4195 points,down nearly 2000 points, especially in the last half month has plummeted more than 1300 points, or 24%, the stock market crash severity is far greater than the United States subprime mortgage crisis happened ,even if the bear market in China in the past there have not been so miserable ( American stock market crash in January fell only 4.
9%). January 29th ,the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Index has dropped below the line ,this means that the entire stock market average profit is zero ,the whole market is the hold-up disk and the losers ,the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index average price-earnings ratio is only 28 times ,with the rapid economic growth of China market has been a significant investment value ,the market should stabilize.
But in the management of abnormal silence ,the market panic aggravate ,have cut sell shares ,to avoid further losses. In &quot ;avalanche &quot ;type collapse in investor confidence completely crushed ,panic spread, people has dropped to the freezing point .
The whole market victims Everywhere, various financial website ,blog forum full of netizens ,investors are eristic ,evaluation and call. Now excerpt a small portion of this: &quot ;the stock market crash ,the loss is the biggest ,is the government and prestige .
In the government as when not as ,let how many million families crying the Spring Festival !This is not only an economic problem ,but a problem of politics !Think of the United States ,the stock market fell more than China much smaller ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce,the government is cut it is devoted hundreds of billions of dollars to rescue the city, people still is market economy country !China, not only no matter ,still continue to raise the required reserve ratio ,to go on running ,completely the medium and small investors interests in the eyes .
What is more strange ,Chinese stock market is a policy of the city, the people of the whole country ,the people of the whole world know !Because management actually control the admission of funds and the stock supply approval ,to let the stock market fell ,the inflow of funds into the death card ( stopped Fund ) ,the stock supply enlarged (a large number of issuing new shares and approval of corporate financing ) .
So ,Chinese stock market control only in a few management hand ,everything depends on their view of stock market .In August last year SFC stop hair fund ,the stock market continued to fall ,today Years a Ping ,the stock market crash .
Since the Chinese stock market is in fact a city policy ,when the stock market crash ,the government instead of idly, the situation is even more frightening ,because it shows that government default collapse ,,and a government hopes that the decline in the market ,and who dare to approach and investment ?In addition escape what way? This critical time management layer but not to pretend not to intervene in the market ,is the whole world investors are stupid enough to see this is a policy of the city ?If management do not intervene in the market of the people ,let the stock and fund supply complete market ,of course ,if the so, many people will lose the rent-seeking conditions .
This power and how to put ?Since officials took power ,it is necessary for the market disaster responsibility !&quot ;government that the silence of many institutions and investors feel ,is the government hopes that the stock market fell ,so that some large institutions and the social security fund ,low in QFII ,is tens of millions of investors can regardless of ?China raises the government ,for foreign capital however have been more considerate .
China safe ( 601318)circle all the investors money to fill the hole in the hsbc ,This is why ?!so large amount of financing is not told what to do ,so why not invest motion after discussion and shareholders ?&quot ;do we believe that the government were wrong ?Blood dripping plummeted ,the public offering of the fund with our retail money ,wantonly Shadie, regardless of the cost .
L for more people increase property income R ,l to prevent the soaring stock market crash R ,our chief speech sound is still on ,but that is so cool .Chinese management at stem what ?&quot ;l to create conditions to allow more people to own property income R is the people of the whole country in the eyes of a beacon of hope ,the government should turn it on, on the coldest moment to give people bring hope and warmth ,,our wills unite like a fortress.
Like SARS ,as against the debt crisis adverse effect - - how many people are hard to expect !&quot ;some say the government is busy to save snow ,can save the stock market crash .In fact ,snow disaster to save ,stock market crash more to save .
Financial disaster disaster is more terrible than ,more destructive. Today listed l coal r rose only 30% ,very fast, and level two the complete collapse of the market ,the listing of new shares issued at a price below ,government ,enterprise all financing plan came to nothing when, maybe the government will know Road to worry ,but then the government to rescue the market price will be too high.
High economic growth while the long bear market five years ,because investors is gone, people like to escape drugs like stock market and the stock market crash escape .The investor confidence blow too big !In fact the government could save time in snow save the stock market ,because now save the stock market also is easy,Nike Air Force 1 Mid is a world, as long as the government to be changed to impose unilateral stamp duty on the line ,hand stamp tax is too high ,more than all the listed companies for more than half the profits and dividends ,such a policy who dares to value investment ?Should change .
On the other hand stamp duty instead unilateral collects itself shows the government to maintain the investment market attitude ,the market won panic Shadie. ( this section please use boldface ) &quot ;China is too poor ,when losses are retail investors pay !Not used his own money ,of course not grieved ;government not to the people in front of ,make become exposed ;l increases people property income r became a joke !L prevent the stock market to change radically the R into a l true lies r !Pathetic - China national !People want to cry but no tears ,only being at the mercy of Hh &quot ;deeply felt ,the profits of listed companies all countries to stamp tax and securities hired golden form took ,government officials also let us old people to do the value investment ,we the people investment ,you can take all the profits ,and looted what the difference? In turn accused the people without the risk consciousness and the concept of value investing ,the world is so unreasonable ?&quot ;our great government still immersed in the joy of the about 200000000000 stock market tax ,but did not see the goose that lays golden eggs type blood ,is the stock market established in the will of avalanche on the basis of this .
.. .enough, but also a money 160000000000!Your money easily ,big fat idiopathic have the Spring Festival ,it is people ah ... Chinese people tragedy is the investment channels too little !See ,Chinese financial opportunities ?Put money in the bank ,the interest does not follow to go up rise; money in the stock market ,the result is share price rises is the government intervention ,the share price drop government inaction ;put money into the fund ,fate and shares ;the money to buy government bonds ,the interest rate for the development of China is the same !Had out of power ,through the blood of the majority of investors Fate is so miserable !!from educated said the United States how bad, how do we love our China .
We all want to be patriotic ,are willing to patriotic ,but Chinese ah ,you are given a let us love you .Again and again to hurt us ,also said that we should love you ?Chinese ,let what I love you !&quot ;the government said that the l let people to own property income R ,is to listen to .
This is actually a l :let the country has more R property &quot ;" .We calculate, last year China stock transaction stamp tax income reached 200500000000 yuan ,grew 10.2 than 2006 times .
If plus commissions ,investors in the stock market to pay the cost of more than $350000000000 in 2007.But all listed companies in the first half of the total net profit was 264600000000 yuan,in this transaction ,the government is the biggest winner .
&quot ;if the stock market as a a market ,composed entirely of investor self-financing ,the government is just a bystander .So ,the government should keep one from a to Z .However ,in the stock index ranked high for the time ,investors see is the fund to issue is stopped, and the relevant requirements for bodies can only sell can not buy ,so your L Take care of R ,the market is called the neutral is still very far away.
So, in the stock market when, the government did not do bystander reason. &quot ;half a month evaporation 8trillion,cattle B really ,really is a bull market ,ha ha ha !I was awfully, stamp tax to the state tax contribution how much ?A year GDP growth of 11% ,the stock market revenue grew 120% !People ?People-oriented ?For the people welfare ?Before 90 time people GDP is above 50%,Jeremy Scott Adidas, closing 05 yearsonly about 40% ( Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, own research report ) ,which is now lower.
Economic development brings us benefits ?&quot ;snow snow crash ,the knife .It is chilling ah ,fair where? It for those old man ,the old lady to worry about ,young people have the opportunity to also can do ,they get in the coffin ?Money ,so desolate life ,alas !&quot ;now the problem is not to save the stock market ,but the virtual economy to the stock market go once the bad will hit the real economy.
In aggravation of external economy environment ,American economic slowdown in the background ,Adiads Porsche Design no garbage and waste,originally had the correct tightening regulation policy problems may exist .Management has been stressed that the stock market stable development ,avoid big Great Falls ,from a high of 6124 to a low of4195falling sharply,down nearly 32% ,should be a big fall ,the description of the macroscopic regulation is a failure.
The problem is that if the moment still indulge no matter ,as Japan did for up to 10 years in the downhill ,make national economy recession ,the CSRC responsibility can be big !&quot ;management and expert is to stick to the main ,to the general investors to straw .
Three thousand when they yell called bubble and risk ,so the midnight rooster ,forced the retail price to throw ,to six thousand points they are collective gaffe .Had thrown all over the world 12/1000 of thestamp tax and fees is not an administrative action ?Now flowed down quickly collapsed, demand point of stamp tax, fee has not let go ,not as ,say repeatedly repeatedly maintenance of small and medium-sized retail interest ,is actually a big lie, terrible realized too late .
&quot ;since it is the policy of the city, why can the policy to suppress the stock market ,will not be able to policy to save the stock market ?When all investors have lost confidence in the stock market when ,will certainly be like 01 years to 05 years,bear away for several years ,this time you these so-called value investors also dare enter ?Even into ,you can ensure that the Predicate value investment can make money ?If this slump is pure market behavior ,I ,even if the loss of light ,I have no regrets .
Ironically ,up intervention ,or when said not to intervene in the market ,compared to other countries ,the government can not let people happy shareholders ?The contribution to the country one year about 200000000000 tax!The shareholders for the last 800000000000 financialpay !State-owend enterprise, institutions ,foreign capital ,QFII can be more than 1 yuan price to buy shares ,the shareholders high disk access to prop up the market !Is that investors should not give a little love ?&quot ;never to ten days ,the United States two out rescue action ,domestic management should see the United States government to protect the stock market confidence and determination ,the United States of America economic prosperity, has a strong management ,China economic prosperity ,but also need a strong management in the cow bear boundary point performance, guarantee the long-term bull market pattern of China ,for China the rise of great powers to make good assurance ,no Chinese stock market bull market ,without a strong ,effective ,fair capital market ,country could not rise! This is a truth !&quot ;80000000 migrant workersThey ,you built so many buildings ,but can not return home ,pity ,but China also has 100000000 individualmore than you poor snow disaster ,always in the past ,30 years beforea commission ,adverse man-made often happen ,never stop ;the snow, you can go back ,but in response to the national call for individual investment hard-earned money but ashes to ashes ,leaving only the retail of blood and tears and the government down! &quot ;the Chinese government is great ,the rapid economic growth in China ,faster renminbi appreciation ,he put a bull market to bear! The United States to rescue the market, China which thought to rescue ?!Chinese officials .
What are the contents of civilians ????here screaming against the bail-out ,are some people with bad purpose ,look forward to collapse after looting the villain !!&quot ;Rodgers said he was glad to see the Shanghai and Hongkong market adjustment ,the adjustment of encouraging.
Chinese government has spent great efforts to cool down the market ,he has started to prepare ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings The Song Dynasty,start thinking of buying new shares in China. We must wait until the end of foreigners came down ?Let foreigner to make Chinese people ?Now the United States spreads upside down ,how much heat The money will come to China for fishing frenzy ,management is the stock market down, waiting for their hunters, the heart of what ?&quot ;peace can be an easy job to circle to 160000000000 oilring 320000000000 !!Petrochemical can ring 640000000000, national construction Three Gorges project was about 500000000000 ,and open people ,the strength that cites the whole nation is country .
As well as several companies ,than their country !So stock up, Mingao scraping ,the country does not have peaceful day !Sad !!!&quot ;the ursine appearance ,we also do the Olympics ,people with what kind of mood to prepare for the Olympic games ,what attitude to spend the Spring Festival !Other countries are events will rise, and our stock market is big fall ,finally also attributed to the immature market ,when the stock market goes up when someone madly for rational treatment, called on management pour of ,when the stock market crash, no one cries rational ,only rising need reason .
&quot ;strong appeal to management to reduce the stamp tax or unilateral charge ;release new stock funds to shareholders of listed companies !Malicious mandatory suspension ,three years are not allowed to refinance ,forced the dividends of listed companies ,all over the world like no Chinese stock market listed companies this plunder ,and less dividends ! &quot ;maintain stability in the stock market development on the current economy has a very special meaning .
The stability of the stock market to develop ,can absorb a large amount of excess liquidity ,to prevent the economy from overheating and inflation is good. If the current stock market crash or crash, then ,to current economy is one disaster after another .
The stock market to absorb a large number of flow sex will hand to savings ,other financial products ,on the other hand will flow into the real estate and other goods above, will promote the real estate prices and prices go higher.
Therefore ,in order to build a good stock market stock market ,prevent change radically ,making the stock market to become a good investment and consumption fund of the reservoir, to better absorb the current the excess liquidity .
&quot ;ask Shang Fulin :the tax increase is market behavior ?Two asked Shang Fulin :suddenly stop group of funds into the market is the market ?Three asked Shang Fulin :China Ping An shareholders 160000000000is the market?Four asked Shang Fulin :in the stock market turbulent fell, still everfount issuing stocks ,is market behavior ?You have repeatedly emphasized the need to prevent the stock market to change radically ,this calculates change radically prevents ?You ?Don push to shareholders Body.
The management and expert has always been to stick to the main ,to the general investors to straw ,say investors irrational ,many of your policy allows investors to rational ?&quot ;the capital market of China was just starting to be killed ,motionless with Japanese bubble issue ,it is a big joke and the hype ,we reached the Japanese ten years ago to the economy? The whole world in the high-speed development period will support the capital market, an American economist said :Japan of Japan exaggerated ,in fact in the past ten years the use of capital market capital appreciation of Japanese yen appreciation in overseas assets have been dozens of times every year ,overseas GDP output value reached $3 we see?Something called the lavish comprador economists said China high earnings, forcing leaders to suppress the growth of economic high speed ,is the market should not be given a higher valuation ?And now the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index is only 28 times earnings!Besides the appreciation of the renminbi ,and China is not freely convertible under the capital items how can a simple ,and Europe and the United States market P / E analogy ?Even than America ,Bibi government ,so that we Chinese think ?&quot ;this time, the most sad is the Chinese people and long-term investment Investors ,long-term investment into the air.
The most stupid is the last Chinese fund can expand when it forced his kill. Don the major Chinese capital market and ruined it. Don the public shareholders to chilling .&quot ;face the market, still be completely indifferent Chinese management ,a group of people in China the stock market crash take pleasure in other people ,is really sad !You happy what ?To do what good ?China stock market on China plays a big role do you think of ?Stock market henceforth unable to get up after a fall consequences you know ?No one answered the two market shares also sent out two years ago ?Chinese stock market was completely marginalized days have you forgotten ?Well scars will forget the pain of .
Public opinion timely rescue is wise !Otherwise the maximum loss or countries. After expired save even pay twice price may change without intraoperative !&quot ;the adjustment factor is not the United States subprime ,also not China snow disaster ,but the Chinese stock market policy errors caused by mm rudely ignore market laws restricted fund development ,Air Force One Shoes,expansion of the great leap forward, this is actually the management contributed to the man-made !&quot ;market has a very important Moment ,appeal to management timely take effective measures ,to restore market confidence .
L line battle r will grow in intensity, missed the chance ,and difficult to reverse heart !&quot ;snow disaster is a disaster is ,stock market crash .The common people have honest RMB investment to capital market ,support enterprises ,over high tax ,the stock market fell like crazy ,its real losses than snow disaster loss.
Loss of snow disaster to tens of billions ,calamity loss has reached $8 !But then again ,now to fall, maybe China securities related departments and friends are low chowhound ,such as chowhound eat enough ,only on the positive.
It. Oh ,Chinese civilians. &quot ;every day now called valuation is too high ,so why don a simple question ,just the issue of new shares is 40 timesthe price-earnings ratio ,the SFC is how to control ?Who manufacture in the bubble is not very clear ?I shares only 10 times,but still falling fold over ,this can not let a person suspect policy coherence .
Hope to maintain people property income good policy not evolved into the property loss. Good by sent monks read aloud crooked ,this is &quot ;the stock market is a tragedy. A thought
to have investment value of the pound ,if someone put investors as fish ,eat fish when it dropped water ,then water ,then fish ,fish reproduction difficult !Internet couplets :old
Hope Spring Return :on the road in the snow :million on return without counting the difficult reunion the second line of a couplet :thousands of direct plate crack limit period of bitter

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